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Downloadable Forms

Additional Expenses 

We will begin review in mid-September and process your request within two weeks of submission.

Additional Expense - Per federal regulations, any funding provided to a student for costs above the standard budget amount must be a result of special circumstance.  The fact that your housing/utilities cost more, in itself, is not a special circumstance.   To review these types of requests a written explanation why the expense is greater than the standard budget and the educational necessity for the additional expense (in other words your special circumstances).  The Revision Request Regarding Additional Expense form should be used to request additional expenses beyond the standard student budget. 

Some examples of special circumstances are:

  • Need for 2 bedroom because you have dependents that spend vacations with you 
  • Loss of roommate after signing of lease/unable to find replacement  
  • Need to live alone due to medical/health related reasons

*please note this is not an exhaustive list and documentation is needed to support the explanation

Appeal for Alternate Student Budget  - The Alternate Budget appeal is available to students that meet one of the scenarios outlined below:

  • Single student with 1 or more children age 18 and under
  • Married student with 1 or more children age 18 and under
  • Married student with no children and a spouse not enrolled at least half-time in college or employed

The deadline to apply for the 2016-2017 Academic Year is generally the last day of classes in the Spring Semester. Please check Important Dates for the most current information.

Child Care Expenses

The UC Davis WorkLife and Wellness Office, in coordination with the Financial Aid Office, offers limited grants and loans to help meet child care expenses. The 2016-2017 academic year applications for funding is available Application for Child Care Funding 

Direct Deposit

Students wishing to have financial aid disbursements deposited directly to their bank accounts must complete the Direct Deposit form.

Prior-Year Debt Request Letter/Form

For students who have been notified of a prior-year debt affecting their financial aid, please complete the Prior Year Debt Request Letter/Form. 

Regents Bar Study Loan

Third year law students who want to apply for a University Bar Study Loan should complete the Regents Bar Application . Open the document in Adobe Acrobat in order to complete the form online. Please note the maximum loan amount is $4,000.  We will begin processing applications on April 15 and you should allow at least ten (10) business days for processing. The application submission deadline for May 2016 graduates is July 15, 2016.

Study Away

Those students interested in study at other ABA approved law schools, please visit see the Visiting Student Agreement . Those students interested in UC Education abroad and in the King Hall Foreign Exchange Program, please review our information sheet .

Federal Tax Information

Those students who file an an income tax extension from the IRS should complete the Income Tax Extension  worksheet.  If you need to obtain a copy of your IRS 1040 or 1040A tax return, please follow these instructions.


Those students interested in receiving Federal Summer and/or Academic year work-study, please complete and submit the appropriate application to the Law Financial Aid Office.  Academic Year 2016-17  - Submit your application to Financial Aid two weeks before employment begins.