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Applying for Aid

You must re-apply for aid each year. Both the FAFSA and Need Access are available January 1 each year.

Deadlines to Apply

Prospective Students: The application period is closed for the Fall 2016 incoming class.
Current Students : The application period is closed for Fall 2016.

Completing the FAFSA

Go to to create a FSA ID

After you have your FSA ID, go to and follow directions to file the FAFSA (and signature page if directed to do so)

University of California Davis, Code #001313 (include a housing code on the form)

File your FAFSA as soon after January 1 as possible. Although the FAFSA requests "actual" tax information, estimates are acceptable and may be used to meet the March 2 priority deadline by choosing the “will file” option during application. If you have completed your taxes, we recommend using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool available through FAFSA to directly access your tax returns from a secure IRS web site to simplify providing income information.

Provide your email address on the FAFSA. This allows the Federal Processor to send you e-mail when your FAFSA is received and processed and direct you to a web site to view your Student Aid Report (SAR) and make corrections.

Remember to allow enough time for the federal processor to receive your FAFSA by midnight on March 2. The federal processor is on Central Time and many students across the nation are trying to file their FAFSA in March so you need to file several hours or even a day early to ensure your FAFSA doesn't get “stuck” in a federal system slowdown.

When you file online, be sure to write down your confirmation number or print the confirmation page, which is provided when your FAFSA is accepted and submitted online. If you don't receive a confirmation number, your FAFSA has not been properly completed or filed.

If you do not want to apply on the Web, you can obtain a paper version from the FAFSA web site under the link “FAFSA filing options” or by calling 1-800-4FEDAID.

All applications must be received by the federal processor by March 2 for priority consideration for our aid programs.

If you use estimates to complete the FAFSA, after the April 15 tax filing deadline you will begin to receive notices from FAFSA to update your tax information.

To update the FAFSA change the “will file” to “filed” and import the tax information via the IRS data retrieval tool. We advise waiting about two weeks after filing the tax return to ensure your information is available for upload via the IRS data retrieval tool.

If you are unable to use the tool, please refer to your copy of the IRS tax return to update the necessary fields.

Please inform our office if there is a great difference in the information originally provided, a significant change could adjust the amount/type of aid offered.

Completing the Need Access

It is important that the UC Davis School of Law maintain a public legal education that is of the highest quality and that is accessible to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. To ensure UC Davis Law remains financially accessible, we offer need-based grants which are intended to assist students from low-income families (such as those who were Pell grant recipients as undergraduates). To determine eligibility for these grants we use the additional information provided by Need Access application.

The information requested on the Need Access gives our school a more complete picture of your financial situation and the financial resources to available to assist with your educational expenses.

There is a fee for filling Need Access (currently $28 first time, $15 continuing), however this fee is nominal considering the amount of need-based grant funding offered.

Parent information is required on this application even if you claim independent status, unless you meet one of the exceptions below:

  • Natural parents are deceased
  • Student is 30 years of age or older by December 31, 2016
  • Student is a veteran
  • Student is married
  • Student has legal dependents
  • Student was considered financially independent by his/her undergraduate institution

To apply for Need Access visit

Undocumented Students

Undocumented students who qualify under AB540 criteria can apply for financial aid by submitting the California Dream Act and Need Access applications. To be considered for King Hall grants and need-based scholarships undocumented AB540 eligible students must complete the following steps:

Review Process

You may be asked at any time to submit documents or other information to be used in the review of your application. Please respond to any request as soon as possible; review of your file may be delayed until all requested documents are submitted. The volume of material to be reviewed can be substantial and we appreciate your patience during the review process.

Accuracy is important when you apply for financial aid. All information is subject to verification according to state and federal regulation. Any false statements or misrepresentations will be cause for denial, reduction, cancellation, or repayment of financial aid.