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Summer Funding

Federal Work-Study

Summer work-study allotments are part of your academic year financial aid awards (spring and fall 2017) and will decrease the amount of financial aid loans available to you during the academic year.

Things To Do:

Study Away At Another Law School

Contact the Law Registrar and obtain approval of the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to participate in and receive financial aid for a study away program. The summer term follows the 2016-2017 academic year.

Private, credit-based loan is available. View the UC Lender List for Alternative Loans 

Direct Graduate Plus loan is available, if you did not borrow the entire loan you were offered during the academic-year.

Financial Aid is not available for summer courses taken at UC Davis or Study Abroad programs coordinated by other law schools.

Things To Do:

Other Options

If you did not borrow the entire amount of your 2016-2017 Direct Unsubsidized or Graduate Plus loans, you may use the funds for summer expenses. Check your award letter at You must apply for these funds by April 28, 2017.