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The study of law is a full-time job. It is not possible to devote the time and energy to law school and at the same time be self-supporting. Reliance on part-time job employment should never be more than incidental and must not interfere with the full-time program of professional study. Even incidental part-time employment is discouraged for first-year students. In no event may any student undertake outside employment in excess of 20 hours per week during the academic year.


Federal Work-Study is awarded to Law students based on need, which is determined by the FAFSA. Work-Study allows a student to earn financial aid through employment. Instead of a financial aid payment, the student's Work-Study award is paid in the form of a payroll check for time/hours worked. Work-Study is not available for unpaid internships and externship, including King Hall Legal Foundation (KHLF) summer employment.

Law-related job listings are available online using Simplicity, located on the Law School Career Services website under Job Resources.

Law students who receive Work-Study should read The Student Guide to the Federal Work-Study Program. The guide contains a comprehensive overview of the program and has a useful question and answer format that makes it easy to read.