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King Hall’s Externship Program allows students to earn academic credit for field placements in a government or public interest law office, while being jointly supervised by a practicing attorney and a member of the King Hall Faculty. Externships can be part or full-time, and offer students the opportunity to augment their classroom learning with hands-on, real-world lawyering experience. Over the past several years, King Hall externship placements have included District Attorney and Public Defender Offices, Judicial Chambers (both state and federal), the California Legislature, and a wide range of government offices, public interest, and public policy organizations.

Why Extern?

Law schools and legal employers are increasingly recognizing the value and importance of experiential education, which is what externships are all about! Externships are a great way to:

  • Gain practical lawyering experience, as well as concrete skills and training
  • Expand upon your substantive coursework and put your law school classes into context
  • Build or expand your professional networks
  • Develop and reflect upon your professional identity and trajectory
  • Try out a particular type of legal practice or area of substantive law
  • Build a pathway towards future employment

Externship Opportunities at King Hall

King Hall Currently runs the following Externship programs:

  • Judicial Process (Law 425) (2 to 6 or 12 units)
  • Employment Relations (Law 455) (2 to 6 units)
  • Federal Taxation (Law 430) (2 to 6 units)
  • Public Interest (Law 460) (2 to 6 units)
  • Criminal Justice (Law 470) (2 to 6 or 12 units)
  • Intellectual Property (Law 465) (2 to 6 units)
  • Environmental Law (Law 450) (2 to 6 units)
  • Capital Law Scholars (formerly Legislative Process) (Law 446) (2 to 6 or 12 units)
  • UCDC Law Program (10 unit externship + 3 unit seminar)

All placements must be approved by the faculty advisor for the externship and, with the exception of the UCDC program, are limited to the Northern California-Nevada geographical area in order to facilitate faculty on-site visits.

Note: Fall and Spring semester externships are for academic units only; students may not receive pay for hours worked.

If you have questions after reviewing these Guidelines, you may contact Sara Jackson, Director of Externships in Room 2310D or at Please submit completed externship applications to Rena Contreras in room 1380A or via email at

Externships Supervisors Room Email
Criminal Justice Prof. Elizabeth Joh 2125
Employment Law Prof. Afra Afsharipour 2110
Environmental Law Prof. Rick Frank 1110
Intellectual Property Prof. Mario Biagioli 2129
Judicial Process Prof. Albert Lin 2108
Legislative Externship Prof. Chris Elmendorf 2131
Public Interest Prof. Rose Villazor 1112
Tax Law Prof. Dennis Ventry 2133

Externship Image

Externship Image