Legal Ethics and Corporate Practice

Discussion - 3 hours. The course focuses on corporate practice to explore the ethical responsibilities of lawyers. A large proportion of lawyers practice law in organizations that render advice to business clients. Navigating the landscape of the large law firm or corporate counsel’s office requires awareness of the distinctive experiences and minefields of this work. As such, this course examines the ethical and legal challenges that arise in corporate work, including incorporation, securities and regulatory counseling and compliance, transactions, civil litigation, internal investigations and criminal defense. It also introduces students to various governing standards of practice, both disciplinary and aspirational, including those promulgated by the American Bar Foundation, state bars (particularly California), the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Treasury Department. By the end of the course, students will possess an in-depth understanding of the Rules of Professional Conduct and other law that applies to lawyers who represent corporations. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to the standard topics in the professional responsibility curriculum, including confidentiality, conflicts of interests, and duties to third-parties and tribunals. Students will be evaluated based on in-class participation and a final exam.

Students who take Law 258 Professional Responsibility are not eligible to enroll in this course.
Graduation Requirements: Satisfies the Professional Responsibility requirement.
Final Assessment: Exam
Advanced Writing
Professional Skills
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Unit 16