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Recent Graduate Information

Academic Attire

Academic hoods are provided by the Law School the day of commencement. The hood is the possession of the School of Law and must be returned to the School of Law immediately following the ceremony. The gown must be returned to the Campus Bookstore following the ceremony. You may keep your cap and tassel.  A collection station will be posted outside the Mondavi Center main lobby next to the ticket booth for collection of hoods and gowns.  If you don't use the collection station immediately following the ceremony, it is your responsibility to deliver your gown to the Bookstore and your hood back to the law school in the External Relations Office on the Monday following commencement.  Your diploma will not be released to you until you have returned your academic hood.

Graduation Photos

Photo proofs taken by the professional photographer will be emailed to you once available.

Diplomas and Final Transcripts

A certificate commemorating the ceremony will be presented to each participant at commencement.  Diplomas will be available to pick up at the Law Registrar's Office in late July, after the Office of the University Registrar has officially posted your degree to your student record and law school transcript. You will be contacted by email when your degree has officially been awarded.  If you prefer to have your diploma mailed to you, please complete the form by clicking on the following link: Mail my diploma . The mailing is coordinated by the Office of the University Registrar and there is a small fee for this service.  If you have any holds on your record, transcripts and/or diplomas will not be released to you.  Please check SISWEB for any financial holds, and be sure you return your academic hood to External Relations.


UC Davis is a member of the Order of the Coif.  In order to be elected to the Order of the Coif, students must be in the top 10% of their graduating class and have 75% of their UC Davis units as graded units. Eligibility for Order of the Coif membership is determined after the sixth semester. The list of students eligible for Coif membership is voted on by the UC Davis Law faculty at the first faculty meeting of the academic year following graduation. If you qualify for Order of the Coif, you will receive an invitation letter from the Dean in late September.

UC Davis School of Law does not recognize Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude.

Student Academic Record

You will soon lose access to SISWEB, as that system is for current students, not alumni. The Registrar's Office advises you to print and/or create an electronic record of your grades and final GPA as they appear on SISWEB.   Grades and GPA information are confidential, and will not be disclosed over the phone or via email.  The only option for an alum to request grade or GPA information is to purchase an official transcript through the Office of the University Registrar.  Also, while you’re logged into your student record please adjust your mailing address and any other contact information.

Law Library Information

If you are remaining in Davis to study for the Bar, the library will allow you to keep your carrel. They will be contacting you with information regarding this. If you plan to leave directly after commencement, you need to have your carrel cleaned out by May 16.

Lockers and Mail Folders

CLEAN THEM OUT before you leave Davis. Some time during the first week of August, lockers and mail folders will be cleaned out.  Anything left behind will be disposed of. Your help is really appreciated.  If you will not be in Davis after commencement, please remove your mail folder from the bin in the basement and deliver it to the Law Registrar's Office.  This will be the King Hall Community's indication not to communicate with you via your student mail folder.