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Ceremony Preparation

*** Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020! In light of public health concerns about COVID-19 and various governmental and University of California directives, a live commencement at the Mondavi Performing Arts Center on May 16, 2020 will not be possible. We do look forward to honoring our outstanding graduates later this year when it is safe for all to gather.  

We are planning to have our traditional in-person ceremony in the fall but do not have a finalized date at this time. We are also working on something to mark the May 16 date when Commencement 2020 had been scheduled.  

If you have an active cap and gown and/or grad pack order it will be canceled and refunded.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For more information, please refer to the School of Law website or contact Events Manager Onell Berrios at


The Commencement App on the Intranet allows you to enter your commencement ticket request, contact information for commencement photo proofs, and provide notes and helpful hints about the pronunciation of your name so that it can be read correctly as you cross the stage. Please review each heading below to ensure you are meeting your commencement deadlines. 

Guest Tickets

THE EVENT PLANNING TEAM WILL ANNOUNCE THE LIMIT TO THE NUMBER OF GUESTS TICKETS THAT GRADUATES WILL RECEIVE. Please submit your ticket requests (not to exceed the established limit) using the Intranet App. Please note: Graduates do not need a ticket. Deadline to submit ticket requests:  March 15th

Commencement Speakers

The King Hall Class Representatives for the graduating class will facilitate the nominations, ballots and selections of various commencement positions including faculty speaker, student speaker and faculty marshals (hooders). Students participating in the commencement ceremony should review their email for important notifications related to the selection of the commencement speakers and marshals.

Deadline to submit nominations for faculty speaker and marshals:  Feb. 28th
(Formal ballot/voting will occur after this date)

Deadline to submit audition video file for students wanting to speak:  Feb. 25th
(Formal ballot/voting will occur after this date)

Your Name as You Cross The Stage

You may use a preferred name rather than your legal/formal name for when you cross the stage.  Please use the intranet fields for preferred name and phonetic spelling to record both your preferred version of your name and any phonetic notes, tips or hints which might help the announcer to clearly say your name.  Using cues such a “sounds like”, “rhymes with” or using a combination of CAPS and lowercase to indicate where the emphasis should be placed when saying your name aloud are all helpful cues.  The information used for this purpose will not update your student record or change you legal name on file. Deadline to provide stage name and phonetic cues:  March 18th

Commencement Program Booklet

Guests and graduates will be provided with a Commencement Program on the day of the celebration.  In the booklet, your undergraduate degree is listed with your name.  Please check this degree and school for accuracy in the Intranet Commencement under the “Prior Schools/Degrees” tab.  If you would like other degrees listed (Masters, Ph.D., etc.) you will need to supply the Law Registrar's Office with an official copy of your transcript which confirms you received the degree.

A list of your law school related activities, awards, and scholarships are printed in a special section of the commencement program under your name. This information is also on the Law School Intranet. Please choose from the list provided, any activities, awards and scholarships that apply to your Law School career only. If you have a law school achievement you want to add which is not on the list, you may include it in the request line (all requests will be reviewed). Please be sure to review the activities which fall alphabetically under “King Hall” or “ABA” and “Law Student Association” as many activities have a formal title beginning with their governing entity.  Because we are under a print deadline for the commencement program and diplomas, the deadlines will be firm.  No exceptions will be made.

Deadline to submit activities and awards: March 13th


Announcements can be ordered online at the UC Davis Bookstore website.  Some customization is allowed on announcements for special activities and awards.  Your order will ship within two days and estimated ship time is up to five days. For Grad Pack pricing and/or information on availability of class rings and portrait photography, please visit the UC Davis Bookstore website.

Academic Dress

The academic attire for participants in the ceremony is a doctoral gown and tam with a purple tassel. Academic hoods are provided by the Law School the day of commencement and are distributed to students before they cross the stage. The hood is the possession of the School of Law and must be returned to the School of Law immediately following the ceremony. Hoods are available for purchase for those who want to keep a hood after graduation. See Purchasing Academic Hoods, below.

How to order cap and gown

Rental includes keeper tam, rental gown, and keeper tassel. Gowns can be rented with purchase of grad pack or rented on its own. Purchase of Grad Pack offers the best discount. Online ordering will be available beginning February 9th, at the UC Davis Bookstore website. Click on Cap & Gown or Grad Pack button to get to the order form which will give you a choice for JD and LL.M. gowns. If you do not pre-ordered by the deadline, you must contact the Commencement Coordinator at the bookstore to arrange to place your rental order in person.

Deadline to order cap and gown:  Mar. 27th (price increases after this date)

Deadline to order announcements and other items: See bookstore website for details.

Picking-Up Orders

All bookstore orders will be delivered to King Hall. Tams, gowns, and tickets will be available for pick up in the Career Services Office the week prior to commencement. You will be notified by e-mail when you can pick them up. If your order includes a Grad Pack, it will be delivered for pick-up with your cap and gown. For Grad Pack pricing and/or information on availability of class rings and portrait photography, please visit the UC Davis Bookstore website.

Timeframe for order pick-up:  May 4th - May 15th  (during career services business hours)

Purchasing Academic Hoods

If you choose to purchase your own hood rather than borrow the Law School hood, academic hoods are available for purchase. Students can access and print the order form by clicking on the following link: (Purchasing Academic Hoods).   The bookstore normally carries a limited supply of new JD hoods in stock, but they can also be special ordered at no additional cost if they run out. In order to have one in time for our ceremony, orders should be placed by a date to be announced.