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Our Story

The Clinical Legal Education Program at UC Davis School of Law has operated since 1971. The clinics provide legal services without charge to indigent persons, particularly client groups that have traditionally lacked significant legal representation, such as noncitizens and victims of domestic violence. 

The School of Law currently operates four clinics: the Immigration Law Clinic, the Civil Rights Clinic, the Family Protection and Legal Assistance Clinic, the Aoki Water Justice Clinicand the Aoki Social Justice Clinic

These award-winning clinics have earned national and international acclaim for both their high-quality public service and their unique pedagogical value within the law school curriculum.  Put simply, the clinics give legal voice to communities most in need of assistance and at the same time help train first-rate lawyers who will serve the profession for decades.

Clinical Legal Education Promotional Video

Jim Smith and Amagda Perez

Immigration Law Clinic Students

Civil Right Clinic Directory Carter Cappy White and Student