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Student Scholarship

The Doremus/Anthon Environmental Law Writing Prize

Formerly known as the Rick Frank prize, the Doremus/Anthon Environmental Law Writing Prize honors the contributions of Professor Holly Doremus to environmental law scholarship and education.   Prof. Doremus taught environmental law at UC Davis from 1995 to 2009 and originally established the prize as the Rick Frank Prize to honor Prof. Frank ’74.  Now a professor at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, Prof. Doremus is a leading scholar on biodiversity law and on science and the law.

The competition is open to all students enrolled at the UC Davis School of Law. The Doremus/Anthon Prize is awarded each spring for the paper which makes the most significant scholarly contribution. The winning paper is published in Environs. Winners of the Doremus/Anthon Prize and copies of their articles are listed below.

Drought Down Under and Lessons in Water Policy for the Golden State 

Laura Taylor '16
40 Environs 53 (2016)

Preserving the Common Law Public Trust Doctrine: Maintaining Flexibility in an Era of Increasing Statutes 

Rebecca LaGrandeur Harms '15
39 Environs 97 (2015)

Takings Litigation in the San Joaquin River Restoration Programs: The Role of the Implied Seepage Easement Under The Federal Navigational Servitude 

Michael Profant '14
38 Environs 49 (2014)

The Colorado River Delta and Minute 319: A Transboundary Water Law Analysis 

William F. Stanger '14
37 Environs 37 (2013)

Massachusetts v. EPA Without Massachusetts: Private Party Standing in Climate Change Litigation  

David S. Green '12
36 Environs 35 (2012)

Stopping the Runaway Train of CEQA Litigation: Proposals for Non-Judicial Substantive Review 

C. Aylin Bilir '11
35 Environs 145 (2011)

Improving the Improvement Act: Climate Change Movement in the National Wildlife Refuge System 

Jamie Iguchi '10
34 Environs 247 (2010)

Catching the Rebbit: The Past, Present, and Future of California's Approach to Finding Corporate Officers Civilly Liable Under the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine  

Valorie Cogswell '09
33 Environs 343 (2009)

A Means to Conserve? Wild Salmon and Hatcheries Under the Endangered Species Act 

Nicholas W. Vidargas '08
32 Environs 345 (2008)

Sand or Concrete at the Beach? Private Property Rights on Eroding Oceanfront Land 

Nathan Jacobsen '07
31 Environs 217 (2007)

CELPC Student Writing Program

The California Environmental Law & Policy Center (CELPC) selects student papers to be featured on the Center website each semester.  Our main goal of the program is to highlight excellent work done by students at King Hall in the area of environmental law and policy that otherwise may not be recognized through formal publication by a legal journal.

CELPC does not claim ownership of these student works.  The views and arguments expressed are those of the student author alone and not those of CELPC.  The presence of a work on this website should in no way inhibit the publication of the work in a law review or journal nor disqualify it from consideration for such publication.  

Selected Papers

The Murkiness of Murr: Why the Future of Takings Law Under the Murr v. Wisconsin Standard is Less Than Clear 

Samuel Vice '18

Coercion through Negation? Why "Big" Federal Waivers of State Laws Warrant a New Tenth Amendment Test 

Aviva Simon-Pottharst '18

Cyborg Insect Drones: Research, Risks, and Governance 

Heraclio Pimentel, Jr. '18

Science and Sleuthing: Improving CITES Enforcement Through Innovations in Wildlife Forensic Technology

Victoria Bogdan Tejeda '17
47 ELR 10580

Are We Ready to Drill in the Arctic? 

 Anne Baptiste ‘14

Creating International Governance for Synthetic Biology: Identifying the Principles and Players 

Erin Tanimura ‘14

Recommendations for a National Cap-and-Trade System Based on the Successes and Failures of the Three Largest Existing Carbon Markets 

Michael Murza ‘13

Towards a Critical Poiesis: Environmental Justice and Displacement 

 Yuchih Pearl Kan ‘13