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California Environmental Law and Policy CenterThe California Environmental Law & Policy Center has three overarching and interrelated objectives. First, the Center serves as the focal point of King Hall’s longstanding commitment to environmental law and policy for law students and faculty alike. It brings to the law school community numerous environmental speakers, conferences, symposia, convenings and other events. The Center facilitates student involvement in off-campus environmental law and policy initiatives, such as environmental moot court competitions, externships in public and private environmental law offices, and contacts with environmental policymakers.

Second, the Center participates in interdisciplinary environmental research and policy initiatives across the UC Davis campus, throughout the University of California system, and in collaboration with other law schools, colleges and universities across the nation and overseas. Examples include interdisciplinary partnerships with UC Davis’ Center for Watershed Sciences and Institute for Transportation Studies; UCLA Law School’s Emmett Center on Climate Change & the Environment; the UC Centers in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.; the Vermont Law School; and the Georgetown University Law Center.

Last but certainly not least, the California Environmental Law & Policy Center focuses on translating its environmental scholarship into effective public policy at the regional, state, national and international levels. It does so through the publication of white papers and research findings; presentation of expert testimony before legislative and regulatory bodies, authorship of law review articles, op-ed pieces and similar publications; providing training on key environmental issues for attorneys, judges and legislators; convenings of public policymakers to discuss and debate cutting-edge environmental issues; ongoing partnerships with such organizations as the California League of Cities, the Environmental Law Institute and the Conference of Western Attorneys General; and related policy initiatives. The Center’s environmental research and policy priorities include climate change law and policy; water allocation in the American West; property rights; environmental governance questions; renewable energy; and green technology.

Spring 2017 Speakers' Series

Spring 2017 Speaker Series Poster Kim Delfino Speaker Poster

Recent Conferences Co-Sponsored By UC Davis

Coastal Act at 40

UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, Stanford Law School, and Resources Legacy Fund
invite you to join us for a discussion of the past, present, and future of California’s coast

Turning the Tide, California's Coastal Act at 40

Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Marked the 40th anniversary of the California Coastal Act. Enacted in 1976, the Act has guided coastal development and protection for decades. But today the California coastline arguably faces its greatest challenges yet relating to the balance between preservation and development, the Coastal Commission’s relationship to other government agencies and jurisdictions, projected impacts of sea-level rise and related coastal change, and conflicts over public access, including access for underserved communities. 

Find out more about the California's Coastal Act Conference.

Recent Conferences at UC Davis School of Law

2015 California Energy Commission 40th Anniversary Symposium: Celebrating Four Decades of California Energy Innovation

CEC Poster 

2014 Takings Conference

PCL 2014 Symposium

Saturday, February 1, 2014 at UC Davis King Hall from 8:15am-5:30pm

ESAat40Small Friday, October 4 - CELPC's "The Endangered Species Act at 40" Conference

PCL Annual Conference

Saturday, January 12, 2013 - Planning and Conservation League's Annual Environmental Legislative Symposium

Water Law Symposium

Saturday, January 26, 2013 - Ninth Annual California Water Law Symposium