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The King Hall Legal Foundation Summer Public Service Fellowships

The King Hall Legal Foundation (KHLF) is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operated and managed by King Hall students. KHLF will award a limited number of summer public service fellowships to currently enrolled first and second year students to undertake public service legal work that serves underprivileged and underrepresented populations. KHLF does not provide fellowships for prosecutorial work.


To be eligible for the KHLF Fellowships, candidates must:

  • join KHLF as a member; 
  • be a 1L or 2L student at King Hall;
  • volunteer ten hours of solicitation work for the KHLF auction; 
  • volunteer five hours at the KHLF auction itself;
  • and secure an offer to work for an eligible non-profit organization or government agency.  Prosecutorial work is not eligible for KHLF funding.

 Fellowship Award Amount

The amount of each KHLF Summer Fellowship award will be determined based on the availability of funding. In past years, KHLF has been able to award as much as $4,000 to students who did not receive other fellowships, and as much as $2,000 for those who did. All KHLF Fellowship recipients are subject to a maximum cap of $6,000 from all sources.  KHLF may also fund part‐time public interest legal work on a pro‐rated basis.

Example 1:

Anne Smith receives a UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship in the amount of $4,000. She has also performed her auction-related KHLF hours. KHLF gives her a KHLF Fellowship of $2,000. Because money received from KHLF does not count against the UC Presidential Fellowship, Anne’s total summer income will be $6,000.

Example 2:

Alexa Garcia is not selected for a UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship, but she has performed her auction related KHLF hours. KHLF gives Alexa a KHLF Fellowship of $4,000. Her total summer income will be $4,000.

Example 3:

Arnold Parson is not selected for a UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship. He neglects to do any auction-related volunteer work for KHLF. Arnold is ineligible for a KHLF fellowship. His total summer income will be zero.

To Apply

1L and 2Ls can apply for all three fellowship opportunities through a single application. Submit the application cover sheet  , your resume, a 1-2 page statement of purpose, a separate statement of no more than 300 words on your financial need and how the funds will be used, and a confirmation of employment from your host organization. The application and all supporting documents should be combined into a single PDF saved as LAST NAME-FIRST NAME.pdf and emailed to with the subject line "SUMMER FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION - [YOUR LAST NAME]."  The deadline is Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 11:59 pm - late applications will not be accepted. 

If you would like your statement of purpose reviewed prior to submission, please send a draft in Word to Sofia Parino as early as possible. Those sent by March 7th will guaranteed to be reviewed, those sent after may be reviewed depending on availability.