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Public Interest Fellowships

Post-graduate public interest fellowships are an excellent way to begin your career in public interest law. Many fellowships are project-based, where applicants partner with a non-profit organization and apply for external funding based on a specific proposed project. Others are funded directly by the organization with which the fellow will work. The fellowship application process primarily takes place during the 2L summer and 3L year but it is important to foster relationships with potential sponsors as early as your 1L year.

For more information about potential fellowship opportunities visit:

2018 Post-Bar Fellowship Opportunities

The list below are just samples of the opportunities available and are only updated on a periodic basis.  You are encouraged to visit PSJD often for the latest opportunities.

2019 Post-Bar Organizational Fellowship Opportunities

The list below are just samples of the opportunities available and are only updated on a periodic basis.  You are encouraged to visit PSJD often for the latest opportunities

Deadlines Approaching:

November Deadlines:

Later/Rolling Deadlines:

2019 Post-Bar Fellowship Opportunities - Project Based Public Interest Fellowships

Below is a partial list of some organizations who have hosted project based fellowships (eg. Skadden or EJW) in the past. Some have a two step process - first you apply to the organization to be selected as a fellowship partner, then you apply to fellowships for funding. The deadlines for the 2019-2021 cycle are below. NOTE: Please check with the organization to verify deadlines and application requirements.

List of California Host Organizations

Organization Location (CA) Deadline Fellowships Issue Area(s) Funded or Seeking
A New Way of Life Reentry Project Los Angeles EJW Re-entry; Criminal Law
ACLU Disability Rights Project San Francisco July 6, 2018 (priority) Rolling EJW, Skadden, etc. Disability rights
ACLU Immigrant Rights Project San Francisco July 6, 2018 (priority) Rolling EJW Immigrant Populations
ACLU of Northern California San Francisco Rolling EJW Civil Rights/Liberties
ACLU of Southern California Los Angeles Rolling – submit materials as soon as possible EJW Education/Special Education
AIDS Legal Referral Panel San Francisco Rolling Skadden, EJW, Other Various
Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles Skadden Immigration
Bay Area Legal Aid Richmond June 15, 2018 EJW Housing; Domestic Violence; Econ Justice
Bet Tzedek Legal Services Los Angeles EJW; Skadden LGBTQ Rights
California Rural Legal Assistance Salinas EJW Environmental; Farmworkers; Immigration
California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation Sacramento; Santa Rosa EJW; Skadden Farmworkers
CARECEN Los Angeles EJW Immigrant Populations
Center for Gender & Refugee Studies San Francisco EJW Immigration
Centro Legal de La Raza Oakland Rolling EJW Workers’ Rights
Children’s Defense Fund Los Angeles N/A Skadden Youth/Children
Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto Palo Alto EJW Children/Youth
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Los Angeles ASAP Skadden, EJW, Soros, other Civil Rights or Immigrant Rights
Disability Rights Advocates Berkeley July 13, 2018 EJW; Skadden Disability Rights
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund Berkeley June 25, 2018 EJW Disability Rights
Earthjustice San Francisco Los Angeles Rolling until August 10, 2018 EJW; Skadden; Other Environmental; Environmental Health; 
East Bay Community Law Center Berkeley Rolling Children; Youth
Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco July 16, 2018 EJW; Skadden; Ruth Chance Women’s/Girl’s Rights: wage gap, job access,
Family Violence Appellate Project Oakland Reviewed on rolling basis EJW, Skadden, others Domestic Violence Survivors
Homeboy Industries Los Angeles Skadden Re-Entry; Expungment; Consumer Rights; Social Services
Human Rights First Los Angeles No date listed EJW, Skadden, others Asylum representation, immigration, LGBT asylum
Inner City Law Center Los Angeles Rolling until August 1, 2018 Skadden; EJW; AmeriCorps Homelessness
Kids in Need of Defense Los Angeles EJW Immigrant Populations
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights   San Francisco Rolling (encouraged to submit before June 1, 2018) EJW Civil Rights; Consumer Rights
Learning Rights Law Center Los Angeles Skadden Youth; Special Education; Disability Rights
Legal Aid at Work San Francisco June 1, 2018 Skadden Workers’ Rights
Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles Los Angeles Rolling submit Early as possible EJW; Skadden; Other Consumer Rights
Legal Services for Children San Francisco June 30, 2018 EJW; Skadden Children/Youth
Los Angeles LGBT Center Los Angeles EJW Immigrant Populations
MALDEF Los Angeles; Sacramento Fried Frank Civil Rights
National Center for Lesbian Rights San Francisco EJW LGBTQ Rights
National Center for Youth Law Oakland July 6, 2018 EJW; Skadden; Soros; Other Education/Special Ed
National Day Laborer Organizing Network Los Angeles EJW Labor; Employment; Immigration
National Immigration Law Center Los Angeles July 13, 2018 EJW; Skadden; etc. Immigrant Populations
Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County Pacoima/Los Angeles EJW Housing; Social Services
Pangea San Francisco or San Jose July 20, 2018 Skadden; EJW; others Immigrant representation, habeas litigation for immigrants
Partnership for Working Families San Francisco & Oakland July 25, 2018 Skadden; EJW; others Policy & Litigation for low-wage workers
Public Advocates San Francisco or Sacramento ASAP but no later than July 6, 2018 EJW; Skadden Education Equity; Affordable Housing; transportation justice; climate justice
Public Counsel Los Angeles No separate application process EJW; Skadden Consumer Rights; Immigration; Housing; Special Education
Public Interest Law Project Oakland July 27, 2018 EJW; Skadden, Soros; Other Poverty law, affordable housing, public benefits
Public Justice Foundation  Oakland Washington,DC August, 23, 2018 EJW; Skadden; Others Food Justice
Root & Rebound Oakland Rolling EJW; Skadden; Soros; others Prisoner Re-entry 
Start Small Think Big, Inc.

Oakland       New York

No date listed EJW; Skadden; Others Community Economic Development, Tax, Intellectual Property, Transactional, Labor
Swords to Plowshares Los Angeles June 22, 2018 Skadden; EJW Veterans
Transgender Law Center Oakland Rolling EJW Trans Issues; LGBTQ Rights
UnCommon Law Oakland July 31, 2018 EJW; Skadden; Other Parole hearing prep; prisoner rights; policy re criminal justice
Wage Justice Center Los Angeles Seeking applications now for 2019; Rolling Skadden; EJW Workers’ Rights
Western Center on Law & Poverty  Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland June 15, 2018 Skadden, EJW, other Children and Youth access to Mental Health Services
Youth Law Center San Francisco Rolling EJW; Skadden; other Child welfare, juvenile justice advocacy

List of National Host Organizations (Listed by State)

Organization Location Deadline Fellowships Issue Area(s) Funded
ACLU Various States July 6, 2018 (priority) Rolling EJW; Skadden; others Various
Earthjustice New York, NY Miami, FL Chicago, IL Tallahassee,FL Washington,DC Philadelphia,PA  Rolling until August 10, 2018

EJW; Skadden

Clean Energy (DC); Coal Program (Philly & Chicago); Drinking Water or Reproductive Rights (NY); any project (Florida offices)
Native American Rights Fund Anchorage, AK Washington DC       Boulder, CO Due no later than 8 weeks prior to fellowship deadline - (July 23, 2018 for Skadden)

Skadden; others


Indian Law
LatinoJutice PRLDEF New York, NY Central Islip,NY Orlando, FL August 10, 2018 EJW; Skadden; Other Criminal Justice Reform, Rights Restoration, Economic Justice Worker's Rights, School to Prison Pipeline
The Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc. Chicago, IL August 21, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others Hate crime, Housing Opportunity, education equity
CrescentCare New Orleans, LA none stated EJW; Skadden
Homeless Persons Representation Project Baltimore, MD Rolling until July 18, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others medical legal partnership, homelessness
Tahirih Justice Center Baltimore, MD August 1, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others immigrant women, humanitarian immigration for women
ACLU of Massachusetts Boston, MA August 7, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others Civil rights, civil liberties, immigrant rights, criminal justice, other
Committee for Public Counsel Services Somerville, MA August 31, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others Criminal Justice, Public Defense, innocence litigation
New England Innocence Project Boston, MA July 25, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others Wrongful convictions
Community Legal Aid Worcester, MA Rolling EJW; Skadden; others Civil rights, civil liberties
Legal Services of Eastern Missouri  St. Louis, MO August 11, 2018 EJW; Skadden Veterans, civil legal services
A Better Balance New York, NY No date listed EJW; Skadden; others NYC Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, paid family leave, anti-discrimination, LGBTQ work-family issues, others
A Better Childhood New York, NY August 29, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others Children's rights, juvenile issues
Advocates for Children of New York, Inc. New York, NY Rolling until March 15, 2018 Skadden; EJW Education Advocacy
Catholic Migration Services Brooklyn, NY Rolling through July 23, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others civil rights, immigration and refugee, policy
Center for Popular Democracy Brooklyn, NY Rolling through July 31, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others civil rights, education, environment, immigration, policy
Center for Reproductive Rights New York, NY Rolling until filled Skadden, EJW, Sorros, others Reproductive rights, international human rights
International Refugee Assistance Project New York, NY July 13, 2018 EJW; Skadden; others Litigation, direct services, class action, civil rights, immigration, refugee
Legal Services NYC Bronx Rolling Skadden, EJW, Sorros, others Economic justice, education, family & immigration, foreclosure, LGBTQ Advocacy, Public Benefits
Make the Road New York Brooklyn, NY Jackson Heights, NY July 27, 2018 (COB) Skadden, EJW, Kirkland & Ellis, others Housing, government benefits, workplace justice
National Advocates for Pregnant Women  New York, NY August 1, 2018 Skadden; EJW; Soros; other Women's rights, civil rights, policy
National Center for Law and Economic Justice  New York, NY Not Stated Skadden; EJW Various civil rights, worker rights, disability rights, poverty law
National Employment Law Project New York, NY August 10, 2018 Skadden; EJW; Other Worker rights, civil rights
New York Civil Liberties Union New York, NY July 9, 2018 (priority) Skadden, EJW, Sorros, others civil liberties, civil rights, mass incarceration, sex offender rights, 
Unlocal, Inc. New York, NY Rolling until August 20, 2018 Skadden; EJW Immigration & Refugee, Children’s rights
ACLU of New Jersey Newark, NJ July 31, 2018 – will begin reviewing on rolling basis on June 18 EJW, Skadden; Soros; others Civil liberties, constitutional rights, criminal justice
Education Law Center  Philadelphia, PA July 23, 2018 (priority) Rolling Skadden, EJW, Others children's rights, education
Philadelphia Legal Assistance Philadelphia, PA July 2, 2018 Skadden, EJW, Others Various
Charleston Legal Access Charleston, SC No date listed Skadden, EJW, Others Wage theft
A Better Balance Nashville, TN No date listed EJW; Skadden; others workers rights, family rights
Catholic Diocese of El Paso - Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services, Inc. El Paso, TX August 24, 2018 EJW Immigration Law
Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) Multiple Locations, TX no date listed EJW; Skadden; Other Immigration Law
National Housing Law Project Richmond, VA July 18, 2018 Skadden; EJW Various
Legal Voice  Seattle, WA August 10, 2018

Skadden; EJW; Others

Advancing economic justice - esp. rights of women & LGBTQ
The Campaign Legal Center Washington, DC July 16, 2018

Skadden; EJW

Campaign finance, voting rights, redistricting, and ethics
D.C. Law Students in Court Program, Inc Washington, DC Rolling until June 27, 2018 Skadden, EJW, Soros, other Landlord-tenant, housing, other justice reform
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Washington, DC No date stated Skadden, EJW, Soros, Other
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Washington, DC May 29, 2018 Skadden; EJW; Soros Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, Educational Opportunities: Fair Housing & Community Development; Voting Rights
Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia Washington, DC Rolling basis, apply early EJW; Skadden Immigrants' Rights Legal Services Project
Muslim Advocates Washington, DC July 29, 2018 EJW, Skadden, other Civil rights, civil liberties, litigation, policy
National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum Washington, DC July 31, 2018 Skadden; EJW Reproductive rights & health; economic justice; immigrant rights
National Center for Transgender Equality Washington, DC none listed Any outside funding transgender; LGBT, Health Care, privacy, Civil Rights
National Student Legal Defense Network Washington, DC ASAP but no later than July 1, 2018 EJW, Skadden, other Projects focused on student loan borrowers
National Women's Law Center Washington, DC Rolling until August 15, 2018 - priority based on time of application EJW, Skadden, other Workplace justice, education, income security and child care, reproductive rights & health
Poverty and Race Research Action Council  Washington, DC None specified EJW, Skadden, Other Fair housing, environmental justice, education
SurvJustice Washington DC None specified Skadden; EJW, other fellowships Civil rights; civil liberties
Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs Washington, DC July 2, 2018 Skadden; EJW; Soros Any issue addressing bias and inequality
UNHCR Regional Office  Washington, DC Rolling Skadden; EJW, other fellowships Asylum, refugee
Veterans Education Success Washington, DC July 31, 2018 Skadden, EJW, others Economic Justice, Veterans, education, public policy