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Blackstone Legal Fellowship

Deadline: January 03, 2017

Eligibility: The Blackstone Legal Fellowship prepares Christian law students for careers marked by integrity, excellence, and leadership. The Fellowship begins with a nine-week summer (June-August) leadership training program, which includes three weeks of seminars on topics including legal philosophy, constitutional law, history, and emerging cultural issues, as well as a six-week legal internship. During this time, participants are not only equipped with a foundation of knowledge that will serve them throughout their careers, they also develop a professional network and form enduring friendships.

For those chosen to become Fellows at the end of the summer, the nine-week program represents a beginning, not a culmination. Fellows receive ongoing training, resources, and support through an international community.

Blackstone Interns are selected through a competitive application process. While successful applicants come from a wide range of backgrounds, and have unique skills and interests, they share the following traits:

  • Strong academic performance
  • Leadership skills, both exhibited and potential
  • Maturity of faith and character
  • Commitment to legal and cultural engagement

Decisions will be made Monday, February 10, 2017

Award: $6,300 and participation in the summer program