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Open House for Admitted Students

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Apr 14, 2010

Over the weekend, we wrapped-up one of the most exciting events of the year: the Open House for Admitted Students (or "ASD" for Admitted Students Day), where we get to meet potential members of the Class of 2013.  This year's event was wonderfully attended, wonderfully executed, and wonderfully received!

On Friday afternoon, dozens of admitted students visited King Hall and attended panels on student life and academic success.  They took part in a mock class taught by Associate Dean Vikram Amar, and took a walking tour of the UC Davis campus.  Many of them were impressed with the beauty of the campus.  Others were excited about the Activities and Recreation Center gym, which is indeed spacious, modern, and open for law students' use! 

The reception for admitted students and alumni took place on Friday night at the beautiful office of McDonough Holland & Allen in Sacramento.  I enjoyed meeting prospective students, and I especially enjoyed hearing our alumni tell them why they love UC Davis School of Law.  Many alumni were present, including Hon. Stacy Boulware Eurie '95, Professor Richard Frank '74, Toso Himel '75, Linda McAtee '85, Sue Carlson '85, past president of the alumni board Tom Stallard '75, Craig Wilson '72, Mary Olden '83, Jerry Hobrecht '83, and our wonderful host Kara Ueda '00, Shareholder at McDonough Holland & Allen.  Professor Lisa Pruitt was also there to meet our wonderful admitted students.  Nearly one hundred people attended!

The Open House continued on Saturday with some lively discussion sessions, another tour, and lunch with alumni and faculty, including Professors Madhavi Sunder, Keith Aoki, Peter Lee, Lisa Ikemoto, Richard Frank ‘74, and Amagda Perez ‘91.  Alumni in attendance included Tom Stallard '75, Toso Himel '75, Jan Camikle '90, Kelly Borelli '92, Nicole Soluri '04, and Jen Smith ‘07.  With 89 admitted students and 19 guests, it was our most well-attended open house ever.  Students traveled from as far as New York to visit King Hall.

I thought the Open House was great, and so did the admitted students.  Here are a few of the comments from the new Class of 2013 Facebook page!

"Got to say that the ASD really showed how great Davis is.  The students and teachers seem really great and approachable. You automatically get the feeling that it is definitely not cut throat. You get a key to the school and you can use it 24/7. The financial aid director said that while tuition will be rising with the upcoming years, they will also be increasing grant aid." - Elina Tilman

"I'm just going to echo what's already been said: the ASD was awesome. Meeting the current students really made me confident in my choice. They were all obviously very happy at Davis. One student remarked that employers like to hire Davis students because they represent themselves as smart and hard working but without an attitude of entitlement that students from other CA law schools sometimes have.  That stuck out to me.  It just seemed like these were people I'd enjoy going to school with and having as friends.  Can't wait!" - Christina Ithurburn

"Though Davis seems to have strong Pub Interest focuses, the business side seems equally as strong. The professors seem very approachable and interesting. One thing stressed today is that Davis has tenured professors teaching 1L classes, not many adjuncts. This is a huge thing, as you will be learning the law from the great legal minds at Davis. Though I was 100% set on Davis when attending the ASD today, I am even more happy with my decision after ASD."  - Matthew Gomory

"Hi everyone!  ASD yesterday was really great. The actual presentations were okay (maybe I was just sleepy from getting up at 6am), but the great part was getting to talk to the students and staff.  I can't express how wonderful it was talking to everyone I met yesterday. The Dean even came to the diversity event and had a long chat with my boyfriend. I really did feel like this is the place for me. Plus all of the activities available outside of academics seem like it will be a great place to be, even though it will of course be stressful because it's law school. I kept hearing about when King Hall students interact with students from other law schools they're always amazed that the Davis students really seem to like their experience and aren't miserable throughout law school! So I look forward to meeting my new classmates this fall! I'm so excited!" - Elizabeth Klueck