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Immigration Economics and Filipino Law Students "Culture Week"

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Nov 13, 2017

Saucedo and Peri

[UC Davis Law Professor Leticia Saucedo introduces our speaker]

The California International Law Center hosted influential Immigration economist Giovanni Peri to talk about the economics of immigration with the King Hall community. Professor Peri discussed the contemporary history of immigration to the United States and the economic impacts of that flow of immigrants. Interestingly, immigration from China and India has increased while that from Mexico has decreased.

Giovanni Peri

[Professor Giovanni Peri, chair, economics department, UC Davis; director, Migration Research Cluster]

At the same time, the Filipino Law Students Association kicked off its “Culture Week” with a presentation by Professor Rose Villazor by Skype. There was a full house of students to hear her talk. Professor Villazor also discussed immigration to the United States.

Villazor skype for Culture Week

I split my time between the two amazing speakers. We are lucky to have such great opportunities to hear from influential Immigration scholars.