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Class Giving Carnival

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Mar 4, 2016

On March 2nd, the Class of 2016 held a "Class Giving Carnival" designed to raise monies for a class gift.  It was great fun, with free food and refreshments, and a variety of carnival games, including a dunk tank.  Students spent their hard earned dollars for chance to throw baseballs at a target that, if struck, would send a faculty member plunging from their seat above the tank into the water below. Senior Assistant Dean for Administration Brett Burns and Professors David Horton and Clay Tanaka all got a dunk in the cold water.  Professor Tanaka's turn was especially amusing, because he used a lacrosse stick to try to deflect incoming baseballs from their target before finally taking the plunge. 

It was all for a good cause.  After the dunking, the revelers retired for refreshments and good cheer in the King Hall courtyard. It was a wonderful day at the School of Law. Pictures are online at the School of Law's Instagram page.