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A Guest Appearance in the Blogosphere

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Sep 16, 2009

Do you know anyone who's "obsessed" with reverse termination fees as a risk allocation tool in merger agreements?  We do: Professor Afra Afsharipour, and she's guest blogging about RTFs and other timely topics at The Conglomerate, a site where law professors blog about business, law, economics, and society. 

The blog editors gave her this warm welcome as she posted her first entry on Monday:

"We are pleased to welcome Afra Afsharipour of the UC Davis School of Law as a guest blogger for the next two weeks.  Afra left Biglaw to research and write about comparative corporate law, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, mergers and acquisitions, and securities regulation.  She has a nifty new transactional law paper ( on reverse termination fees that I highly recommend, and I hope she will share some thoughts on transactional law during our time with us."

Read her blog entries here:

Great job, Professor Afsharipour!