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Conference on Agriculture and Labor-Related Issues Held at King Hall

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Apr 16, 2018


On April 13, UC Davis School of Law hosted a conference examining labor-related issues in California and US agriculture. Four especially timely issues were discussed: (1)  the rapid growth in the H-2A guest worker program; (2)  the response of farmers to fewer new farm workers; (3)  the effects of the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement on farm workers and agricultural communities; and (4) a review of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) and court decisions on labor

Phil Martin

Professor Martin

Professor Phil Martin of the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences organized the conference. I was pleased to serve on a panel on immigration reform, along with Amagda Pérez. 

Kevin Johnson

The day closed with a panel on the ALRB. UC Davis law school alum Julie Montgomery '96, general counsel of ALRB, was on the final panel. Alum Santiago Avila '02 of the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation was in attendance.