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Board of Directors

The Law School Alumni Association Board's mission is to further the general interests of the School of Law, promote close ties among the alumni and King Hall, advance the cause of legal education, and improve the administration of justice.

2018-19 Alumni Association Board of Directors

Download as a PDF: 2018-2019 Alumni Association Board of Directors Roster 

School of Law Representatives

  • Kevin R. Johnson - Dean
  • Lisa Ikemoto - Professor of Law
  • Brett Burns – Senior Assistant Dean of Administration
  • Kristen Mercado – Assistant Dean for Admission and Enrollment
  • Craig Compton - Assistant Dean for Career Services
  • Karen L. Charney - Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Kelley Weiss – Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations
  • Jin Kim - Associate Director of Development
  • Erin Friscia - Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator
  • Eri Furukawa – Development and Marketing Assistant

If you are interested in the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and the nomination process to become a member, please contact our Alumni Relations office at 530.754.5328, or