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Congratulations on successfully reaching your final year of law school! Most of you have completed your required courses and are now hopefully enjoying the elective courses you have chosen. While all you may be thinking about is walking across that stage at graduation, you have some jobs left to do before you put on your cap and gown!

Finish Strong:

Whether you are taking electives or that last required course, you should finish your law school career with a strong work ethic. Why? First, you owe it to yourself to do well in law school, and the 3L year is the perfect opportunity to boost that GPA by taking courses you enjoy. Second, that work ethic will carry over into preparing for and taking the bar exam, a process which starts the week after graduation. Finally, finishing strong will help you enjoy graduation that much more and give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Prepare to Enter the Profession:

In addition to graduating from King Hall, you will need to meet all of the requirements to practice law in California or any other state. Start this process as early as you can your 3L year. You will need to submit a moral character application, take the MPRE, decide on a Bar Review course and many other administrative tasks prior to taking and passing the bar exam. The Academic Success Program offers a comprehensive workshop series entitled Demystifying the Bar Exam that presents information on all aspects of the bar exam and the substantive law it covers during fall and spring semesters. You don't want to miss these workshops!

If You Haven't Done It, Do It!:

There are many wonderful opportunities in law school that students never take advantage of because of other time commitments. Have you always wanted to study abroad? Do you think working at one of the King Hall clinics might be interesting? What about all the clubs and organizations on campus? This is your last opportunity to utilize the King Hall resources around you to try out new things and gain new experiences. Do it!

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