Advanced Bankruptcy Practice: Corporate Reorganization

Discussion - 2 hours.  A prior course in bankruptcy is not required.  Concurrent or prior completion of Business Associations would be useful, or prior work experience providing familiarity with the different forms of business entities.

Corporate chapter 11 is one means to restructure the financial and contractual relationships of a struggling business. Federal law drives this restructuring, and this class will spend considerable time discussing the ways in which federal law supersedes or adopts state law. We will first examine the alternatives to chapter 11. We will then examine whether a chapter 11 proceeding is feasible. If so, in what jurisdiction should it be commenced? A chapter 11 triggers the employment of many professionals. How are the professionals engaged and what roles do they serve? What is the source of money used to pay these professionals? What are acceptable outcomes to a corporate chapter 11? A corporation can be reorganized, it can be sold, or it can be broken up and sold in pieces. These alternatives will be discussed. Finally, how a corporate chapter 11 is closed as a legal matter, as a business matter, and as a business development matter.

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