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6.5 Extended LL.M. Program

  1. The Extended LL.M. program is designed for high quality LL.M. applicants who must upgrade their English language skills in order to be successful in the LL.M. program. The Program is authorized for four years on an experimental basis, effective in 2017-2018. A re-evaluation will occur at the expiration of the experimental period.
  2. The number of semesters of additional study required will be specified as either one semester or two semesters at the time of admission to the Extended LL.M. Program. Each semester of additional study must include a minimum of 10 units. Each student’s program of additional study will be developed individually and approved by both the student and the LL.M. Director. Students requiring two semesters of additional study will generally begin with courses such as Introduction to US Legal Methods A, Introduction to US Legal Methods B, US Legal Methods A, and US Legal Methods B. As the student progresses, the student will take U.S. Legal System Seminar, Legal Research and Writing (LL.M.), and courses approved by the LL.M. Director.
  3. The requirements for the Extended LL.M. Program shall consist of the required amount of additional study as set forth in paragraph 6.5(B), in addition to the normal requirements for an LL.M. degree as set forth in Article VI of the Regulations of the Faculty of the School of Law. Students must complete a minimum of either 30 units (three semesters) or 40 units (four semesters) to successfully complete the Extended LL.M. Program. The number of units required for completion of the Extended LL.M. Program shall be determined by the LL.M. Director.