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6.4 Altering the LL.M. Academic Program

  1. The provisions of paragraph 5.1 and paragraph 5.3 shall apply to LL.M. students.
  2. The normal course of study leading to the LL.M. Degree is one academic year. In exceptional circumstances, with the dean's permission, LL.M. students may extend their course of study. Extensions of time beyond the normal course of study solely for the purpose of completing the writing project required by paragraph 6.1E or a thesis pursuant to paragraph 6.2D may be granted by the dean only for good cause and for a stated period not to exceed the end of the next following semester, provided the faculty member supervising the writing project or thesis and the LL.M. director concur. Paragraph 6.4(B) does not apply to the Advanced LL.M. Program.
  3. LL.M. students who withdraw from school before completing the program may petition the LL.M. Admissions Committee for readmission. In exercising its discretion to readmit, the committee will consider, among other things, the timing and reasons for the withdrawal, the activities after withdrawal, and the prospects of successfully completing the LL.M. program. Petitions under this rule are granted only in exceptional circumstances. In granting a petition, the LL.M. Admissions Committee may in its discretion impose the conditions contained in paragraph 4.4B, except that paragraph 4.4B(2) shall not apply.