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6.1 Requirements for LL.M. Degree

To earn an LL.M. degree, a graduate law student must:

  1. pass all required courses;
  2. earn twenty semester credits;
  3. complete two semesters in residence;
  4. if a graduate of a United States law school, write a graded thesis having a semester credit value of between four to eight units; or
  5. if a graduate of a foreign law school, write an analytically rigorous legal research paper, either as part of a seminar or for an independent study project worth at least two semester units of credit, which is completed within the two semesters of the graduate program and is equivalent in quality and substance to the writing project required of candidates for the J.D. degree under paragraph 1.4C;
  6. have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 at the end of the program. The grade point average shall be determined on the basis of letter grades. This rule applies even for LL.M. students who elect "Satisfactory"/ "Unsatisfactory" grading as provided in paragraph 6.3D or paragraph 6.3E. The grade point average is computed to the nearest tenth; numbers 0.50 and above will be rounded off to the next highest tenth.