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490T Aoki Federal Public Defender Clinic (4)

4 unit registration requirement.  Satisfies Professional Skills Requirement. This clinic is an outgrowth of the work of the Aoki Center for Critical Race and Nation Studies.  As part of its work, the Aoki Center will provide educational opportunities to students interested in critical race perspectives in practice.  This clinic will allow students to learn about the criminal justice system and the criminal appellate process through hands-on work on a client’s case.  The course will consist of a seminar on criminal trial and appellate issues with a practical component.  The professor of the course will supervise students working on a criminal appellate case as well two-three cases at the trial level (co-counseled with the Federal Public Defender Office in Sacramento).  The course requires a weekly seminar and weekly supervision sessions with the professor on topics related to the criminal justice system, appellate work, and the specific issues that arise through the caseload.  Students will submit applications for the course.

This course was offered: