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285E Climate Change Law and Policy (3)

Discussion - 3 hours. This course addresses the legal and public policy dimensions of climate change, perhaps the most important environmental issue of our time. Climate change law and policy represent a rapidly developing field, with important changes taking place internationally, at the federal level and within the State of California. While the primary emphasis of the class will be on climate initiatives in the United States and its political subdivisions, international climate change treaties and negotiations will also be discussed. This course utilizes an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, bringing together air pollution, water supply, coastal planning, land use, ocean and fisheries and energy issues. A complete examination of climate change law and policy requires some foundational understanding of climate science and resource economics; accordingly, the course will briefly address these latter topics. Both greenhouse gas mitigation policies and climate change adaptation strategies will be featured in the course. The class will feature some guest speakers, but will primary utilize a discussion format.

Final Assessment: Exam

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