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274ET Intellectual Property, Human Rights & Social Justice (2)

Seminar - 2 hours. Is intellectual property law doing justice by creative artists and inventors? What is at stake in IP law for freedom of speech, access to education, affordable health care, distributive justice, democratic culture, and academic freedom? Are intellectual property protections in tension with the human rights to health, education, food, and culture? Or is intellectual property itself a human right?  In this seminar, we examine the implications of copyright and patents for a broad set of social justice values, with particular emphasis on the interaction between intellectual property law and human rights law on the global stage. For students pursuing intellectual property practice, this course will offer the opportunity and challenge of reflecting critically upon this area of law. Importantly, the course is designed to also be very much appropriate for students with an interest in human rights and social justice who may not yet have an interest in intellectual property. These students will gain a deeper familiarity with human rights institutions and reasoning, especially the particular challenges associated with “second-generation” socioeconomic rights. They may also discover an interest in intellectual property law as an extension of their commitments to human rights and social justice. Prior coursework in either intellectual property or human rights is helpful but not required; a diversity of student backgrounds and perspectives will enhance the class discussion.

This course was offered:

  • Fall 2016
    • Lea Shaver