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266A Cyberlaw (3)

Lecture/Discussion - 3 hours. As e-commerce becomes a principal mode of conducting business, the law struggles to adapt. This class explores the exciting legal issues that are emerging as crucial to the conduct of business in cyberspace. We begin by discussing the evolution and current administration of the Internet and the World Wide Web. After a brief foray into early claims that cyberspace should not be regulated at all, we examine how cyberspace is in fact being regulated. We cover a variety of issues relevant to businesses engaged in e-commerce, including jurisdiction, the domain name system, electronic contracting and signatures, intellectual property, privacy, taxation, and antitrust. The course reviews recent state and federal legislation dealing specifically with e-commerce, along with case law and secondary materials. The goal is not primarily to teach a number of rules, but rather to understand how to approach cyberspace issues.

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