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230B Sustainability Law (2)

Seminar - 2 hours. The course will cover the research and practice of what we call "environmental law" to show that it is too narrow in several important respects for the legal profession to adequately address 21st century needs. First, "environmental law" too often emphasizes public governance interventions (e.g. laws and regulations) without addressing additional and important pollution reducing opportunities that lay with private environmental governance (e.g. private certifications, for-benefit enterprises, etc). Second, the course will analyze how the legal profession can accelerate progress in addressing the climate crisis by expanding the study and practice of law from the more narrow "environmental law" into the broader and more applicable "sustainability law".

Graduation Requirements: May satisfy Advanced Writing Requirement with instructor's permission.
Final Assessment: Paper
Grading Mode:  Letter Grading

This course was offered:

  • Spring 2021
    • Matt Bogoshian