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Students, Faculty, and Alumni of the UC Davis School of Law

photo of Alejo

Luis Alejo

- For Luis Alejo, the opportunity to combine the highest quality legal education with hands-on experience made King Hall the perfect choice.
photo of Apallas

Yeoryios C. Apallas

- Yeoryios Apallas keeps an old shoeshine brush on his desk as a reminder of why he has spent his professional life in public interest law.
photo of Brownstein

Alan E. Brownstein

- Alan Brownstein, a nationally recognized Constitutional Law scholar, teaches Constitutional Law, Law and Religion, and Torts at King Hall.
photo of Cantil-Sakauye

Tani Cantil-Sakauye

- Tani Cantil-Sakauye ’84 is the first Asian-American to serve as Chief Justice of California.
photo of Cheng

Alice Cheng

- For Alice Cheng, the King Hall Outreach Program helped make a top-tier legal education a real possibility.
photo of Cuevas-Ingram

Joanna Cuevas Ingram

- Joanna Cuevas Ingram enrolled at King Hall in order to become the best advocate she could be.
photo of Dudovitz

Aimee Dudovitz

- Aimee Dudovitz received a legal education at King Hall that was “second to none” and prepared her well for the career challenges she’s faced.
photo of Feeney

Floyd Feeney

- Professor Feeney believes that we all learn in different ways, and that direct experience is one of the most powerful ways of gaining knowledge.
photo of Garrett

Judge Ramona J. Garrett

- King Hall helped Ramona Garrett, once an unwed teen mother, become Solano County’s first female and first African American superior court judge.
photo of Gettleman

Deborah Gettleman

- Deborah Gettleman wanted to change the criminal justice system. At King Hall, she didn't have to wait until after graduation to do it.
photo of Hill

Kirsten Hill

- If anyone has the knowledge and experience to guide King Hall students to a career in public interest law, it’s Kirsten Hill.
photo of Hulse

Robert Hulse

- Even as a high school student, Robert Hulse knew King Hall could help him realize his dream of becoming a patent attorney.
photo of Igasaki

The Honorable Paul Igasaki

- For Judge Paul Igasaki, the road to King Hall began with family history.
photo of Ikemoto

Lisa Ikemoto

- Lisa Ikemoto’s dual fascination with science and law led her to become a nationally recognized bioethics scholar.
photo of Imwinkelried

Edward J. Imwinkelried

- Edward L. Barrett, Jr., Professor of Law
photo of Johnson-McKewan

Karen G. Johnson-McKewan

- For Karen G. Johnson-McKewan, the intellectual rigor of King Hall helped launch her career as a successful Bay Area business litigator.
photo of Joslin

Courtney G. Joslin

- Professor Joslin says family law issues profoundly impact almost every aspect of our lives.
photo of Lucia

Kimberly A. Lucia

- Kimberly Lucia had been working at a brokerage firm for 11 years before she realized her dream of becoming an attorney could come true at King Hall.
photo of Mosleh

Peter Mosleh

- Peter Mosleh thought law school would be the ideal mental exercise. At UC Davis School of Law, he found all his expectations confirmed.
photo of Olah

Eric Olah

- For Eric Olah, choosing a law school came down to one thing: opportunity.
photo of Prakash

Naeha Prakash

- Naeha Prakash came to King Hall for its strong sense of community and strengths in economics and international law.
photo of Pregerson

The Honorable Dean D. Pregerson

- Dean D. Pregerson ’76 found “a real sense of community” at King Hall, and the U.S. District Court judge still feels part of that community today.
photo of Sadasivam

Ramaah Sadasivam

- When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, it changed thousands of lives forever, including Ramaah Sadasivam’s.
photo of Stallard

Tom Stallard

- As a student at King Hall, Tom Stallard worked for the California Legislature and launched a business that has prospered for more than 35 years.
photo of Steinberg

Darrell Steinberg

- Darrell Steinberg ’84 is one of California’s most powerful, influential, and effective legislators.
photo of Strickland

Bill Strickland

- For Bill Strickland, King Hall opened the doors to opportunity and enabled his professional success.
photo of Toscano

Eric Toscano

- In the Information Age, few things are as valuable as a good idea. That’s why Eric Toscano is studying intellectual property law.
photo of Williams

Irene Williams

- Irene Williams '14 is living her dream, studying law on her way to becoming a prosecutor.
photo of Zarrineghbal

Pajmon Zarrineghbal

- Pajmon Zarrineghbal transferred to King Hall because he wanted a top law school where he “wouldn't have to deal with a cutthroat environment.”
photo of Zhang

Nathan Zhang

- Nathan Zhang wanted to transfer to a school with better academics and a more supportive environment. King Hall was the perfect fit.