HNBA/Prudential 1L Summer Internship Program

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The Hispanic National Bar Association is pleased to partner with Prudential Financial, Inc. (Prudential) to provide a
meaningful summer internship opportunity for a highly-motivated first-year law student. Through this partnership,
Hispanic National Bar Association will select a student to join the 2019 summer law intern class at Prudential for a 10-
week internship at Prudential' New Jersey offices, for a stipend of approximately $10,000.

The summer internship will provide interns with the opportunity to work with attorneys who support the broad reach of

Prudential' businesses. Other features of the summer internship program include:

  • Paid attendance at the LCLD Scholars Summit
  • Participation in training programs presented by Prudential attorneys highlighting different areas of the business
    and the legal department
  • Pairing with an attorney who will serve as a manager during the program and will provide guidance on projects
    and other substantive work
  • Pairing with a mentor who will serve as an additional advisor on resume review
  • Interviewing skill development and mock interview practice
  • Networking both within Prudential and externally with law firms and regulatory groups
  • Presentation development and delivery
  • The opportunity shadow attorneys on various projects
  • Opportunities to interview with selected local firms for potential 2L internships

Applicants must be members of Hispanic National Bar Association. They need to be enrolled at an ABA-accredited law
school and have successfully completed the first year of law school with a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or
equivalent). Applicants must be scheduled for graduation in spring 2021 (full-time students) or spring 2022 (part-time
students). The ideal applicant will have financial or business-related experience or interest.

Interns will be responsible for their own housing and transportation to and from Prudential' office in Newark New Jersey.

A stipend of approximately $10,000, paid on a weekly basis.
Application Period
February 22, 2019 by 5:00pm [2021 information not currently available]

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