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General Scholarship Parameters - Please note important changes for 2020!

The Sidney B. Williams Scholarship Program for the 2020-2021 academic year is open to new applicants who are entering 1L students commencing J.D. studies in 2020. Awards are limited to entering 1L students with a demonstrable interest in exploring a career in patent law. Awardees are eligible for a 3-year award of $10,000 per school year. The awards for the second and third years are contingent upon satisfactory academic performance, normal progress towards a J.D. degree, and a continuing, demonstrable interest in exploring a career in patent law.

Scholarship money can be applied to the verifiable costs associated with normal tuition and usual fees relating to full time and part-time enrollment status (such as, but not limited to, student activity fees, law school or university fees, administrative fees) and is paid directly to and administered through the law school the recipient is attending, in accordance with the policies of the school for the use and application of scholarship funds.

Individuals who were awarded a Sidney B. Williams Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year are being sent an email invitation from the Foundation explaining the process for requesting 1-year or 2-year renewal awards of $10,000 per school year, i.e., for 2L and/or 3L years. These renewal awards for current 1L and 2L students will be based on providing documentation evidencing a continuing, demonstrable interest in pursuing a possible IP law career and satisfactory academic performance and progress towards a J.D. degree.




Selection Criteria

  1. The new 3-year Scholarship Awards are available only to students who are commencing studies at an ABA-accredited law school in 2020, as part of the entering law school (1L) class. (Renewal awards are available to 2019-2020 Sidney B. Williams Scholars though an email invitation to apply that is being sent by the Foundation to individual 2019-2020 awardees.)
  2. Applicants for these 3-year awards for entering 1L students must exhibit a demonstrable commitment to exploring a career in patent law. (Renewal awardees must demonstrate a continuing, demonstrable interest in a career in IP law.)
  3. High academic performance at the undergraduate or graduate level is required for entering 1L students. (Renewal awardees must provide law school transcripts evidencing satisfactory academic performance and progress towards a J.D. degree.)
  4. Demonstrated financial need must be shown for new 3-year scholarship awards. (Renewal awardees are not required to make any additional showing of financial need.)
  5. General factors such as leadership skills, community activities, or other special accomplishments are considered in making awards to entering IL students. (Renewal
    awardees will be evaluated based on activities or accomplishments specifically related to the pursuit of a possible career in IP law.)

Important Information

Any student who receives a scholarship is required to attend law school on a full-time enrollment basis. The second and third years of any scholarship award are contingent on maintaining a grade point average of “B" (3.00) or better (or the equivalent). Immediate family members of a trustee of the Foundation are ineligible to receive an award from the Foundation, i.e., a spouse, sibling, child, or grandchild.


is for $10,000 per school year (two semesters, excluding summer school semesters and intersession)
Application Period
February 1, 2020
April 1, 2021 (2022 information not currently available)

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