2020 Finnegan's Inaugural Corporate 1L Diversity Partnership

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The Diversity Corporate Partnership provides a unique opportunity for law students to gain exposure to both law firm practice and corporate in-house legal departments. The position includes paid 2020 1L Summer Associate position in our Atlanta, Georgia or Palo, California office as well as a corporate internship with Georgia Pacific in Atlanta, Georgia, or NetApp in Sunnyvale, California. Students would spend the first six weeks of the summer at Finnegan, and the next four weeks at the corporate site. Weekly compensation would be $3,700/week. There is a distinct possibility that additional corporate placements may become available, to include placements in Washington, DC.

10-week Summer Program
•First 6 weeks would be at one of Finnegan' offices located in Atlanta, Palo Alto, or
Washington D.C.
•Second 4 weeks would be at the corporation' in-house legal department.
•Finnegan would pay full summer salary for the 10-week program.
•Corporation would be responsible for travel arrangements from Finnegan to corporate headquarters.
•Summer Associate would be responsible for her/his own housing costs/arrangements.

Recruitment of 1L Candidates
•Eligible 1L Candidates: students of color, LGBTQ students, disabled students, women,
and veterans.
•Students are required to have strong academics and an outstanding technical background in the chemical/biological sciences, electrical/mechanical or computer engineering.
•Finnegan will be responsible for the candidate application and screening processes.
Finnegan recruitment and D&I teams will present prospective candidates to corporation for consideration.
•On-site interviews will take place in Finnegan offices and with corporate attorneys. It
will be within the corporate department' discretion as to whether or not the candidate
interviews at headquarters.
•Callback travel expenses: Finnegan will cover travel to Finnegan and the corporation will cover travel to corporate headquarters.

Eligibility for 2L 2021 Summer Offer
•Student would be eligible for 2L Summer Associate position at Finnegan.
•2L Summer would spend 8 weeks at Finnegan and 2-3 weeks corporate site.

We are seeking students who have demonstrated a commitment to pursuing a career in IP law and enhancing diversity in the legal profession. Students MUST submit a resume, undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) unofficial transcripts, and law school unofficial transcripts (once grades are posted) to Laurie Taylor, Senior Recruitment Manager, at laurie.taylor@finnegan.com.

For additional hiring requirements, please see the attached brochure.

Weekly compensation $3,700/week
Application Period
November 8 - December 18, 2020
March 1, 2020 (On a rolling basis) [2021 information not available]

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