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News outlets quote Professors Chin and Joh about new ICE rules for international students

News Posted on July 13, 2020

The Sacramento Bee's Ashley Wong quoted Professor Gabriel "Jack" Chin about about Immigration and Customs Enforcement's July 6 announcement that international college students with visas must take in-person classes in the United States or risk deportation. The Miami Herald quoted a tweet by Professor Elizabeth Joh on the same topic. Read the Bee storyRead the Herald story 

The University of California announced on July 8 that it would sue the federal government to try to block the new regulations from taking effect.

Gabriel "Jack" Chin is Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Law and holder of the Edward L. Barrett Jr. Endowed Chair at UC Davis School of Law.  He is a prolific and much-cited criminal and immigration law scholar whose work has addressed many of the most pressing social issues of our time.

Professor Joh's scholarship focuses on criminal procedure and policing, with a special emphasis on DNA evidence, undercover policing, and new surveillance technologies. She is the recipient of King Hall’s 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award.