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News Posted on March 19, 2018

Professor Imwinkelried Completes Evidentiary Foundations, 10th Edition

Professor Edward Imwinkelried recently completed the tenth edition of his text, Evidentiary Foundations. The first edition was published in 1980. Last week LexisNexis released the practitioner version of the tenth edition while Carolina Academic Press is publishing the student version of the new edition. The new edition analyzes the 2017 amendments to the Federal Rules of Evidence and updates the discussion of the Supreme Court's Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause jurisprudence.

Over the years, working with coauthors, Professor Imwinkelried has prepared several jurisdiction-specific adaptations of the basic text, including California Evidentiary Foundations (5th ed. 2017). Various editions of Evidentiary Foundations have been used as a required or recommended text at over 140 law schools.

Professor Imwinkelried is a world-renowned evidence expert who has published extensively in the field.