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Professor Aldana Publishes Essay on Immigration in The Conversation

News Posted on February 9, 2018

Professor Raquel Aldana, UC Davis’s Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Diversity, published an essay on immigration in The Conversation that has been picked up by the Associated Press and republished by numerous media outlets including the San Francisco Chronicle and Chicago Tribune. Titled “Debunking 3 myths behind ‘chain migration’ and ‘low-skilled’ immigrants,” the article addresses misconceptions regarding immigration law and policy and rebuts assertions made by the Trump administration.

Current law does not allow for immigrants to sponsor unlimited numbers of distant relatives as claimed by President Trump, legal immigration is not overwhelming the U.S. population, and even “low-skilled” immigrants do benefit the economy, Aldana writes. Under the Trump administration’s proposed standard of merit-based immigration, “other important values are lost,” Aldana adds.

“These values include family unification, compassion toward people who are persecuted and being good neighbors,” writes Aldana. “They also mean valuing the contributions of immigrants who do the difficult work of picking our fruit, cleaning our houses, cutting our lawns, and caring for our children and elderly.”