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News Posted on November 3, 2017

Professor Joh Comments for McClatchy News Service on Security Robots

Professor Elizabeth Joh commented for McClatchy News Service on the use of self-propelled autonomous robots as security guards. Such robots are already in use in places like the Golden One Center in Sacramento, and a strong potential exists for police and even private residences to increase use of this technology, Professor Joh said.

“People feel comfortable having an Alexa, a Google Home, or a Roomba in their home. This is all part of a continuum. At some point, security robots will be affordable, and I think individuals will want them, too,” Joh said.

“And that, I think, is really the point at which people will want to know, well, what are the rules here? What kind of capabilities should these robots have?”

Professor Joh's scholarship focuses on criminal procedure and policing, with a special emphasis on DNA evidence, undercover policing, and new surveillance technologies. She is the recipient of King Hall’s 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award.