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News Posted on October 13, 2017

Professor Chin Comments for KJZZ in Arizona on California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Law

Professor Gabriel “Jack” Chin commented for National Public Radio station KJZZ on California’s Senate Bill 54. The so-called “sanctuary state” measure, recently signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, bars state and local law enforcement from helping federal authorities with immigration enforcement and prohibits them from asking about immigration status.

Professor Chin said the law is an attempt to create “a uniform, statewide policy.”

“In the past, there was a large diversity,” said Chin. “Every law enforcement agency, every sheriff’s office, every police department, could do basically whatever they wanted to do, and there were a number of them that already had policies like those that are in the new law. There were many of them that limited their cooperation with federal immigration authorities, but other agencies were enthusiastic about turning over people who might be deportable. What this is trying to do is to make it consistent across the state.”

Professor Chin also talked about the reaction to the new law among law enforcement agencies and in the legal community, as well as the potential for legal challenges.

Gabriel "Jack" Chin is Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of Law and holder of the Edward L. Barrett, Jr. Endowed Chair at UC Davis School of Law. He is a prolific and much-cited criminal and immigration law scholar whose work has addressed many of the most pressing social issues of our time.