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News Posted on September 29, 2017

Professor Joslin Comments on California Senate Bill for PolitiFact, Capital Public Radio

Professor Courtney Joslin is quoted in a recent report by PolitiFact California on Senate Bill 219, which would bar long-term care facilities from denying admission, or transferring or evicting a resident on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, or HIV status. Her comments were also part of a report on SB 219 on Capital Public Radio’s Insight with Beth Ruyak.

Conservative groups have criticized the bill, suggesting that it could lead to criminal penalties for “using the wrong pronoun” for transgender individuals, but Professor Joslin said such claims greatly distort potential penalties.

"The bill is very, very clear that what is prohibited is the willful engagement and repeated engagement in discriminatory conduct against LGBT seniors,” said Joslin. “So, if someone makes a mistake or doesn’t know what a person’s gender identity is and uses the incorrect pronoun that is not a violation.”

Professor Joslin is a scholar in the field of family and relationship recognition, with a particular focus on same-sex and non-marital couples.