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News Posted on September 22, 2017

Professor Lee Presents Paper at European Policy for Intellectual Property Conference

Professor Peter Lee recently presented a paper at the European Policy for Intellectual Property (EPIP) Conference at the University of Bordeaux. Professor Lee participated on a panel entitled “Social Justice and IP,” which also featured a paper by Associate Dean Madhavi Sunder and Professor Anupam Chander.

Professor Lee presented a work-in-progress entitled “Toward a Distributive Agenda for U.S. Patent Law.” The piece argues against the widespread notion that U.S. patent law is unconcerned with distributive justice and that it should focus solely on increasing incentives to invent. Rather, the paper argues that U.S. patent law already possesses numerous “distributive mechanisms” that enhance access to patented inventions, encourage the development of technologies that serve marginalized communities, and increase participation and diversity in the patent system itself. Furthermore, it argues that the U.S. patent system’s concern with distributive justice is normatively appropriate and accords with the progressive, utilitarian, and efficiency-maximizing nature of patent law.

Professor Lee's scholarly work addresses the intersection of science and society, particularly exploring the patent system's impact on scientific and technological progress.