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News Posted on September 5, 2017

Professor Joh Finishes Successful First Season of ‘What Trump Can Teach Us’ Podcast

“What Trump Can Teach Us about Con Law,” a podcast co-hosted by Professor Elizabeth Joh, finished its highly successful first season with an episode on the Commerce Clause and its application to medicinal marijuana.

Produced by Professor Joh with Roman Mars, host and creator of the independently produced podcast “99% Invisible,” the podcast aims to “take the extreme actions of the President of the United States and channel that chaos into learning our Constitution like we never have before.” The podcast quickly shot to the top of the iTunes charts when it was first published in June 2017, and remained iTunes “Top 100” throughout the 10 episodes of its first season.

Joh and Mars said the podcast will take a short hiatus and return with new episodes in October.