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News Posted on September 1, 2017

Professor Larson Interviewed on New Hampshire Public Radio Podcast

Professor Carlton Larson was interviewed on Civics 101, a podcast produced by New Hampshire Public Radio, regarding the legal definition of treason, the difference between treason and sedition, and related subjects.

The U.S. Constitution narrowly defines treason as “levying war against [the United States] or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort,” said Larson, who is working on a book about treason and the American Revolution.

“There are a number of things one can do that are disloyal to the United States in a very serious way that don’t usually count as treason,” he said. “For example, espionage for a country that we are not at war with, that is not treason.  It’s clearly disloyal, it’s dangerous, and it’s a crime, but it’s not treason.”

Carlton Larson's research interests focus on constitutional law and legal history, with a strong emphasis on the 18th century.