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News Posted on September 1, 2017

Dean Johnson Quoted in Sacramento Bee on New Immigration Restrictions

Dean Kevin R. Johnson commented for the Sacramento Bee on new measures announced by the U.S. government that will make it more difficult for immigrants who came to the United States with work visas or fleeing persecution to obtain permanent residency.  Citing an executive order by President Trump, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will now require in-person interviews for approximately 130,000 immigrants seeking green cards.

“They’re just tightening the process without showing how the process needs to be tightened, and the only explanation is to slow the number of people coming in by making it harder to get in,” Dean Johnson said.

Individuals with work visas are “are people who have employee sponsors who want them to be here,” he added. “If they go out of status and become undocumented, they are subject to deportation and can’t work.”

Kevin R. Johnson is Dean and Mabie-Apallas Professor of Public Interest Law and Chicana/o studies at UC Davis School of Law. He is an internationally recognized scholar in the fields of immigration law and policy, refugee law, and civil rights.