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News Posted on August 11, 2017

Senior Associate Dean Sunder Lectures in Japan on Intellectual Property

Senior Associate Dean Madhavi Sunder delivered a series of talks and presentations in Japan last week. On August 2, she gave a lecture titled "Intellectual Property and Human Capabilities" to the Intellectual Property Association of Japan in Tokyo. Over the next two days she was hosted at Tohuku University in Sendai, Japan, where she delivered a lecture on the protection of traditional knowledge on August 3 at the invitation of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature. Professor Sunder also participated as an expert in the Research Institute Project Meetings on August 3-4 in Sendai.

Madhavi Sunder is Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of Law at King Hall whose special interests include intellectual property, law and culture studies, women’s rights, and international intellectual property.