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News Posted on August 4, 2017

King Hall Hosts 2017 International Commercial Law LL.M. Program

For the nineteenth consecutive year, UC Davis School of Law welcomed an outstanding group of summer LL.M. students to its International Commercial Law (ICL) LL.M. program. This unique program allows international lawyers, judges, and legal professionals to complete their LL.M. degrees with a specialization in International Commercial Law in two to five summers of study at King Hall. The convenience and flexibility of the ICL program make it possible for legal professionals to maintain their practices while acquiring critical skills for representing clients in a fast-paced international commercial environment.  

International Commercial LawThis year's ICL LL.M. students come to UC Davis from Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Poland, and Switzerland. They arrived in late June to take up to eight weeks of coursework. First year students enroll in the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program, a foundational course. After completing this course, advanced students join small seminars taught by Law School faculty in subjects such as business associations, conflict of laws, intellectual property, comparative law, anti-trust and other specialized subjects that are important for representing clients in complex global business.

Brazilian attorney Guilherme Mendes chose the UC Davis summer LL.M. because its unique flexibility allowed him to pursue a master’s degree while practicing law year-round. “They have great professionals here, and if you are [unable] to stay away [for] a full year abroad, I think that this program is suited to you. You have the opportunity to come and go, and it’s just a matter of organizing your program yourself.” Beyond flexibility, Mendes praises the program’s content as highly valuable to professional and personal development: “One of the things I [learned] was how to open my mind,” Mendes said. During the class mock trial, Mendes and his classmates were given the opportunity to present to a jury.

Antonio Bernardes joined the program from Brazil. “Right now,” says Bernardes, “I am interested in business associations. I am a prosecutor and private lawyer, and I am looking to transition into working more with international trade and socially conscious enterprises. The people I have met in this program, from all around the world, are wonderful. Living with other international students on the Davis campus is awesome and unlike anything I’ve done before. The program content is really good, as are the professors. To anyone thinking about coming to UC Davis, I would say: Just come!”

Beth Greenwood, Associate Dean of International Programs at UC Davis School of Law, says UC Davis School of Law is “proud of the role we have played, for almost 20 years, in contributing our expertise to the global business environment. We have hosted many incredible international legal professionals in the ICL LL.M. who now form a powerful global network of sophisticated international practitioners.”

For more information about the International Commercial Law LL.M. and other International Programs, please visit or contact Kate Asche at or 530-757-8569.