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News Posted on July 6, 2017

Professor Larson Comments for Capital Public Radio on Federal Court Ruling

Professor Carlton Larson commented for Capital Public Radio on a federal judge’s order blocking implementation of a California law banning the possession of firearm magazines holding more than 10 rounds.  Another federal judge had previously declined to block the ban, but the injunction takes precedence.

Conflicting rulings of this kind are not uncommon, Larson said. “To some extent the blame has to rest on the U.S. Supreme Court itself, which has refused since 2010 to hear any Second Amendment cases,” said Larson. “With the result that lower courts are sort of left to hash this stuff out on their own, and there’s a lot of conflicting rulings.”

Carlton Larson's research interests focus on constitutional law and legal history, with a strong emphasis on the 18th century.