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News Posted on May 26, 2017

Professors Chandrasekher, Harris, Joe, and Tang Present at Duke Law School’s Culp Colloquium

UC Davis School of Law Professors Andrea Chandrasekher, Jasmine Harris, Irene Oritseweyinmi Joe, and Aaron Tang gave presentations at Duke Law School on May 18 as part of the Culp Colloquium, a scholarship workshop for untenured minority faculty members from law schools around the country. The King Hall contingent represented four of the 20 of the untenured minority faculty members invited to participate in the colloquium.

Scholarship presented by King Hall faculty included Professor Chandrasekher’s “Police Contract Status and Labor Unrest,” Professor Joe’s “Reorienting the Prosecutor,” Professor Harris’s “Judging Sexual Incapacity,” and Professor Tang’s “Reverse Political Process Theory.”