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News Posted on May 11, 2017

Associate Dean Sunder, Professors Brownstein and Larson Speak at UC Davis Free Speech Event

On May 1, Senior Associate Dean Madhavi Sunder served as moderator for a UC Davis panel discussion of free speech that included Professor Emeritus Alan Brownstein, Professor Carlton Larson, and Steven White of the California Highway Patrol. 

Titled “Hate Speech, Free Speech, More Speech or Less Speech: The Quad as Free Expression Zone or Safe Space?”, the event was held at the UC Davis Student Community Multipurpose Room, providing an opportunity for the campus community to share information and views on free speech; to consider thoughtfully the complexities and high stakes of the free speech question; and to begin to move from turbulent division to shared understanding, consensus and cooperation. The program is the third installment of the new discussion series Dialogue and Discernment, whose faculty-led events are sponsored by the Office of the Chancellor.

“Professors Brownstein, Larson and I were particularly delighted that the law school could help to guide and lead this important community conversation on campus free speech,” Sunder said.