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News Posted on April 28, 2017

Professor Joo Comments on Border Wall Project Opposition for Politico

Professor Thomas Joo commented for Politico on proposals from Democrats in California, New York, and various other states and cities that would bar contracts with companies involved in constructing the Trump administration’s planned wall across the Mexican border. Professor Joo said that it was highly unusual for states and municipalities to oppose federal spending within their jurisdictions.

“One reason why it’s unprecedented is because federal infrastructure projects are normally a thing that states want,” said Joo. “That’s one of the points of having state representation in Congress, is to bring federal money back to your districts to build highways and dams and hospitals, or whatever, that will make life better … That’s not what this one is primarily perceived as doing. I can’t think of a federal infrastructure project that would generate as much local opposition.”

Joo, Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor at UC Davis School of Law, specializes in the areas of corporate governance and race and the law.